Book Review: A Charming Crime

A Charming Crime

Author: Tonya Kappes

ASIN: B008A1T1XS (E-book)

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Life’s been getting a little hot and heavy in Locust Grove for homeopath June Heal- her shed turned make-shift chemistry lab just burnt to a crisp. Yet even with that smoldering setback, plenty of people have complete faith in June’s innate ability to create cures, like local police officer and best-friend-since-childhood Oscar Parks. They have a tight bond, so when an eccentric woman from neighboring village Whispering Falls takes an interest in June’s talent, Oscar thinks it’s time for them both to give it a go in the new locale. However, their chance at the good life hits a snag when June’s charm bracelet winds up clenched in the fist of a dead woman, a woman she’d had a public altercation with just one day prior. With no one in the village willing to speak with Oscar, it’s up to June to clear her name and find out what the good people of Whispering Falls are hiding.

This book truly was charming. June is wonderfully quirky, flawed, and believable. Kappes doesn’t spend much time describing June’s physical features, but the emotional and mental characteristics are on full display. Normally I hate it when the main character, devoid of any ability to defend him or herself, takes on a killer alone, but it made sense here, and Kappes’ plot twists were fantastic- it seemed like every page had a new secret about June and the town to unravel. The killer was a complete surprise. Kappes pulled me into the idea that June had found the killer and then switched it at the last moment.

A few criticisms, however. One, I personally think June shouldn’t have moved to Whispering Falls so fast, especially considering how conniving the supporting characters had been in their attempts to get her there. It wouldn’t have hurt to make them work for it a little harder. Second was the lack of editing. There were missed words, past and present tenses put together in the same sentence, and sometimes I wondered if I had skipped paragraphs or pages since June’s thoughts seemed to changed subject so abruptly at times throughout the book.

Overall, however, I enjoyed this book. It’s┬áthe first in Kappes’ Magical Cures Mystery Series, with a full cast of distinctive characters, a quaint and magical village, and a relatively solid plot line. I highly recommend reading it.