Book Review: Killer Cupcakes

Killer Cupcakes: Lexy Baker Bakery Cozy Mystery Series Book 1

Author: Leighann Dobbs

ASIN: B00A0NOF7G (E-book)

Available at Amazon for Kindle E-book readers

Lexy Baker thinks everything is coming up Lexy- she has a successful bakery, a closet full of fabulous stillettos, and sexy new neighbor Jack Perillo, a detective with the local police department. But that was before her ex-boyfriend is killed with poisoned cupcakes obtained from her bakery. With the police closing her shop to investigate, Lexy takes it upon herself to figure out who the culprit really is so she can get back to baking.

The Good: This premise of a bakery owner turned amateur sleuth seemed promising, and there are some likable characters- namely everyone but Lexy.

The Bad: Everything else. Dobbs spent more time telling the reader everything about Lexy’s life than showing it or creating dialogue to explain it. In fact, I’m surprised Dobbs bothered to write any dialogue at all. Her characters were over-the-top and unbelievable, especially Lexy- who can eat anything she wants without gaining an ounce, never has to exercise, looks like a model, has a successful business, and is living rent-free in her grandmother’s home since her grandmother decided she’d rather live in an old folks’ home. She’s obviously spent oodles of money on the name-brand shoes in her closet, but then complains that if her bakery doesn’t reopen soon she’s going to run out of savings. Her bakery’s been closed less than a week, she claims she’s running out of money to live on and keep the shop going, but somehow she manages to find the money for more shoes! And not just one pair, but many, since Dobbs describes how laden down with shopping bags Lexy is after her shoe shopping trip.

Additionally, Lexy miraculously never has to go to the bakery hours before it opens to prep the day’s offerings. It’s perfectly okay for her to run in with just enough time to flip the sign to “Open.” Normally, I’d write this behavior off by telling myself that she’s the boss and she has people to prep for her, but the only two people running the place are Lexy and her best friend Cassie. Cassie only shows up a half-hour or so before Lexy to start heating the ovens and prepping the day’s recipes. Lexy claims they manage because they¬†trade out baking duty and cashier duty over the course of the day- as if that is somehow enough to keep a successful, busy bakery full of happy, efficiently-served customers and trays full of baked goods. Yeah, right. In Dobbs’ wildest dreams. I’m sure any baker that’s had the misfortune of reading this story spent at least a few minutes alternating between yelling at their e-reader and laughing at the complete lack of realism.

Dobbs was obviously her own editor, if she bothered at all to proofread the work before posting it to Amazon, since incorrect word usage and grammar problems abound. Between the flagrant inconsistencies, lack of realism, and poor editing, this story is a non-starter and should be passed on.