Book Review: Solstice

By P.J. Hoover
ISBN 9780765334695
Published 2013.
Available wherever books are sold.

In her debut YA novel Solstice, P. J. Hoover seamlessly blends a believably dystopian reality with eternal myths. For 18 years, temperatures around the world have remained scorching. Air-conditioning is used under the most dire of circumstances only, eating meat is a luxury, and the oppressive heat is a constant threat to the planet. The heat, and living alone with her overprotective mother, is the only life for Austin, TX high-school student Piper Snow has ever known. Yet she longs for the day she is out from under her mother’s thumb and can live life on her own terms. On her eighteenth birthday she opens a life-altering present, and soon she is made aware that the gods of ancient mythology are not only real, they’re active members of society. As two young gods vie for Piper’s affections, she must use her newfound knowledge to figure out who she really is, where she comes from, and ultimately, where and with whom her future should lie.

The story flows well, with no noticeable mistakes in grammar, spelling, or punctuation to break it. The characters are fleshed out well, with protagonist Piper being believable and relatable, with motivations and goals we all can understand- the need for freedom, to live her own life, to one day have a family. The story, characters, and setting are described vividly without taking up too much time or page space; it’s done so well that you’ll easily suspend any conceptual disbelief- Hoover flawlessly interweaves the timeless trials of our teenage years with the timeless tales of myth here. For teens, young adults, and the young at heart, Solstice provides a page-turning new twist on old mythology that you won’t want to put down. Get your copy today!