Book Review: Tragic Magic

Tragic Magic

Author: Laura Childs

ISBN 9780425229897

Published 2009.

Available wherever books are sold.


The 7th novel in New York Times Bestselling Author Laura Childs scrapbooking mystery series finds scrapbook shop owner and heroine Carmela Bertrand, along with her best friend Ava Gruiex, attempting to turn an abandoned New Orleans mansion into the perfect haunted house for Halloween. Complicating matters is the murder of the mansion’s owner, their friend Melody Mayfeldt, who is killed in an explosion as the ladies are first visiting the mansion. Though content to let the police do their job, Carmela finds herself pulled further into the mystery surrounding her friend’s death as an array of suspects begin to make themselves known. Interspersed with sinfully decadent recipes and fun scrapbooking and craft ideas, this novel blends just the right mix of suspense, fun, and flirtiness, with memorable, descript characters that take on a life all their own.

I can tell you I didn’t see this culprit coming. Though the murderer and motive made sense, the book took a page from J.B. Fletcher/Murder She Wrote, using tidbits you may not catch or make a connection to if you’re not paying attention. Regardless, it didn’t disappoint, and I’m pleased I hadn’t figured out who the killer was by chapter 2. I haven’t read the other books in the series yet, but now that I’ve read this one, I fully intend to.