Book Review: Darcy’s Passions

Darcy’s Passions: A Novel, Pride and Prejudice Retold through His Eyes

Author: Regina Jeffers


ISBN-13: 978-1-60671-026-5

Available at or Barnes and Noble bookstores

If you’ve ever wanted to know what was going through Mr. Darcy’s head as he sought Lizzie’s hand in marriage, here’s your chance to find out. Regina Jeffers retells Jane Austen’s classic story and provides readers with insight into Darcy’s perspective, opinions, and background through it all, giving the audience a new found sympathy and better understanding of his behavior and thought process. Lizzie’s progressive attitude and wit are still in full swing, and readers are treated to a front row seat as she and Darcy navigate the rocky waters of marriage, impending parenthood, and learning to live with each other. Yet despite their obstacles and bickering, Darcy and Lizzie prove repeatedly they’re still a perfect match long after the honeymoon is over.

I found this book to be an enjoyable read- hard to put down, but easy to pick up again and again. The grammar, spelling, and flow of content is smooth and error-free, keeping the story free of unnecessary stops. Though the story is written with a voice and tone that recalls a far-off yesteryear, the vocabulary is easily understood and age-appropriate, so you won’t need a dictionary on hand to understand what’s being said. At 386 pages, the book is of formidable length, but once begun, the pages seem to fly by. I recommend this book for all fans of the regency era, Jane Austen’s work, and good novels.