Book Review: Dark Gold

Dark Gold
Author: Christine Feehan
ISBN-13: 978-0749937492
Available at Barnes and Noble or Amazon

This is the third entry in the Dark Series lineup by Christine Feehan that follows the fictional Carpathian race. Though nearly immortal, the Carpathian race is dying out. The women are few and those that remain are proving barren. Though blessed with longevity, the men find that as they age, they begin to lose the ability to see in color and feel emotion. Only by finding their lifemate, their other half, will color and emotion be restored to them.

Aiden is 800 years old, a hunter of the vampire- that which a Carpathian male will become if he succumbs to his bloodlust and kills while feeding, and has long ago lost his emotions and the ability to see in color. Alexandria is a young human woman with an even younger brother to care for now that their parents have died. She and her brother are attacked and taken hostage by a vampire. She is near death when Aiden destroys the vampire, and inadvertently converts her into a Carpathian. He discovers she is his lifemate, and deigns she and her brother will remain with him. Resentful at this twist of fate, yet determined to regain her life, freedom, and humanity now that she is under Aiden’s watchful eye, Alexandria must learn to live a whole new way of life even as she fights to reclaim what she’s lost.

As this is one of the first entries in the series, Feehan makes some mistakes in her own lore (such as Alexandria turning after four blood exchanges instead of three) that she provides consistency to in later novels. Other than that, there were no glaring mistakes in grammar, spelling, or flow to interrupt the story. The characters spent a lot of time slowly getting to know one another before there was much physical romance involved. Their resulting relationship felt natural and realistic. The main characters were believable and it was easy to understand each person’s perspective and motivation. The supporting characters didn’t overpower the story or the main characters, yet each was fleshed out enough that the reader would care if they, too, would be alright at the end or if he or she would get what was coming to them.

Overall, I enjoyed this story and would recommend it to lovers of paranormal romance novels.