Free Resources for Creating, Editing, Checking, and More

Post updated and links verified as of 09/16/2019.

When starting a new blog or business, money and time are luxuries that are hard to come by. So finding shortcuts and free resources is a big boon to productivity, and the best place to find them is on the internet. I’ve listed my five favorite free resources below to help you get busy and get done with your work, so you can get on with life.

1. PicMonkey: Add text, change the background and color scheme, crop, and re-size your photos for free. They provide extra fonts and features for a paid subscription, but you can perform most editing techniques for free (with registration).

2. Youtube: An invaluable source for tutorials on software, hardware, reviews on products I’m considering, etc.

3. Plagiarism Checkers: I like the plagiarism checkers at Small Tools SEO, PlagScan, and PlagTracker. Just copy and paste your written work onto their page and click the button to start the scan. They tell you which lines have been used before so you know where to fix your work.

4. No that is not a typo at the beginning, that is how this website spells their name. This free service allows you to create infographics for free using line graphs, pie charts, pictures and more.

5. Photo and image alteration: PicMonkey is great, but it only takes you so far. For more extensive editing, color alterations, layering, and more, try Paint.NET or Gimpshop. Both are free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop with all the same capabilities. Are your images taking up too much space on your server or hard drive? Free up space by compressing your images. The image compression tool at decreases file size but retains the image quality of the original.

Do you know of any free tools I missed? If so, please contact me and let me know so I can add it to the list. Many thanks to those of you who’ve contacted me with your recommendations.