Game Review: Dragon Quest Builders 2

Title: Dragon Quest Builders 2
Developers: Square Enix, Omega Force
Publisher: Square Enix
US Release Date: July 12, 2019 Genre: Action RPG, sandbox
Campaign: Single & Multiplayer
*Post originally published at Dustman Gaming and re-printed with permission.


In this follow-up to Dragon Quest Builders, the player takes on the role of an apprentice builder. Play begins with the builder being awoken as a prisoner on a ship manned by monsters. These monsters call themselves “The Children of Hargon,” a cult of destruction that has taken over the world.

When the ship crashes during a storm, the player is washed ashore on a deserted island, but discovers two survivors- Lulu and Malroth. It is with Malroth that the player forms a friendship that sees them through the trials and tribulations of each island they wind up visiting in their quest to make their deserted island more habitable.

Along the way, new recipes for rooms, constructs and foods are found, friendships are made and tested, and an evil once thought vanquished rears its ugly head once more.


Having Malroth as a constant teammate is a boon that can’t be overstated. Quests, enemy attacks and boss battles are made easier with the help of companions. Players needing a reminder of what they’re supposed to be doing will find prompts from NPCs easily accessible.

Using the controls felt intuitive in a matter of minutes. Attacks were kept simple via hitting the triangle button repeatedly, with the occasional co-op attack with Malroth requiring only two buttons.

Building in the open world is done with blocks a la Minecraft, and while still tedious to lay blocks one by one, an in-game, unlockable new tool has been added that lets you build walls and swap materials with the touch of a button.

The player’s inventory space has seven overflow pages in addition to the inventory slots shown at the bottom of the screen, so it’s easy to go the whole game without needing to use chests to stash extra goods.



Dragon Quest Builders 2 improves upon the gameplay, story and mechanics of the original. Players will feel invested in the friendship between Malroth and the builder, and will want to ensure they both get a peaceful and happy ever after.

Though this game does not feature any cussing or nudity, it does feature mature themes and content surrounding religion, racism, death, violence, sex and ethnic stereotypes. Such content may go over the heads of children younger than twelve, but be aware that the game is not necessarily intended for children just because of the graphics style and building mechanics.

That being said, it is a great game overall and definitely one to add to your videogame library.