Game Review: House of 1000 Doors

House of 1,000 Doors: Family Secrets
Developer: Alawar Entertainment
Available on Big Fish Games

The Story

This is a hidden object adventure casual PC game. The main character is paranormal author Kate Reed. Kate also has a family lineage full of mystics and mediums.

This lineage causes a stranger to lure Kate to a mysterious mansion- the House of 1,000 Doors. This mansion doesn’t remain in one place or time- it moves in space and time. Kate must be quick to gain access to the house, and even faster to escape before she joins its residents for good.

Yet Kate yearns for content for her next novel, hoping to reignite her fame. So despite the dangers, she jumps at the opportunity to find new material and experience something extraordinary. The story follows Kate as she uncovers the source of the mansion’s odd occurrences, and helps its ghosts finally find peace.

The Game

The graphics are beautiful, colorful, and vivid. The cut scenes look very realistic and movie-like. The voice actors were appropriate to their characters and felt natural. There was a good mix of puzzles and hidden object scenes, along with utilizing items in the inventory to interact with the setting to advance in the game. There were no puzzles that were so difficult that they had to be skipped; you’re more likely to skip a puzzle from feeling it would take too long to complete rather than feeling that you aren’t able to figure it out.

The story was original, engaging, and fun. This game is the first in the series, and is so enjoyable you’ll find yourself playing it again and again.¬†Entries in the House of 1,000 Doors Series: