Game Review: Lego City Undercover

Lego City Undercover
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Inc., Nintendo (Wii U version)
Developer: TT Fusion
Platform(s)/Console(s): Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Available at all major retailers and Amazon.

First released in 2013 on the Nintendo Wii U, Lego City Undercover has recently been re-released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and multiple additional platforms.  Though the Wii U version was plagued by lengthy load times, the graphics, game mechanics, and overall fun didn’t suffer. The recent iteration of the game has cut the load times considerably, so players aren’t kept from game play for long.

The Story

Play as Detective Chase McCain, a young, ambitious officer brought in to bring fugitive Rex Fury to justice.  Lego City is in the throes of a crime wave, seemingly spearheaded by recent prison escapee Rex Fury. Complicating matters is the disappearance of Natalia Kowalski’s (Chase’s love interest) scientist father. Initially, it is unknown if this is payback for Natalia’s testimony against Rex, or if there is a larger scheme at work.

Chase infiltrates the criminal world and explores every square inch of the city piecing together clues and following leads. His efforts lead not only to Rex Fury, but a criminal mastermind no one would see coming.

The Experience

Lego City Undercover has it all:

  • grapple guns
  • disguises
  • a vast array of cars to drive
  • paint blasters
  • boats
  • numerous super-build spots awaiting construction
  • and much more

The open world invites players to explore every nook and cranny, replay levels with unlocked abilities and characters, and have a blast. The plot isn’t original, i.e. cop chases bad guy, but it puts a new twist on an old story, making the ending an innovative joyride.

Each character has a distinct personality. It won’t matter that they’re Lego characters, you’ll relate to them and take an interest in their story. You’ll root for Chase, understand Natalia’s anger, and so on. The writers did a great job with weaving back story and character identity into the plot.

The car chases and occasional time limits may drive you mad, but these frustrating moments are worth it in the grand scheme of the game. I enjoyed the game so much that even once I’d beaten the game and unlocked all the trophies, I played it again.


This game is not to be missed, regardless of what platform you choose to play it on. There is so much to see and do, and the amount of fun you’ll have compared to the price of the game makes the purchase worth it.

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