Game Review: Splatoon

Created by Nintendo.
Console: Wii U exclusive.
Available at all major retailers.

Create a male or female inkling (young adult squid) and head into ink battle against your peers to earn money, points, and a higher rank. Use your spoils to acquire new clothing, headgear, shoes, and weaponry. Clothing, headgear, and shoes are in a variety of designs, colors, and styles. Weapons include splattershot guns, paint rollers, sloshers and more as you raise your skill level in battle.


There are multiple types of ink battles to join. As a beginner, you can play against your friends in a regular battle, or against the world at large in an online multiplayer arena. Battles consist of two teams of opposing colors, 4 inklings per team. The goal is to ink as much ground in the turf war as possible before time runs out. Beware though, that getting doused with too much of the opposing team’s ink will get you splatted. You can do the same to them by shooting them with ink or unleashing an ink attack that they get covered by.

Being splatted sends you back to the starting point. However, if your teammates are out in the field, you will be able to launch yourself to rejoin them. You receive a bonus at the end of the match if your team wins. The defeated team will receive points equivalent to the amount of participating they did.

Ranked battles are for those level 10 and higher. In these battles, your team strives to take and keep control of the tower. Those in control at the end win. Your inkling begins to receive points toward a grade level here, where the ultimate level is S+, which nets you more money and experience per battle.

The Story

There is a story mode as well. When you first arrive in Inkopolis, you learn that the Great Zapfish powering the city is missing. You follow a suspicious-looking elderly squid into Octo Valley to learn that the Great Zapfish was kidnapped by the Octarians, an octopus race that was exiled by the squids after the great turf war. This is a single player mode that can be played offline. You ink your way through the levels, splatting octolings and collecting orbs that can be traded in for power ups and new skills along the way.

This game is fun and easy to grasp. It’s never fun getting splatted, but there isn’t really a consequence other than a bit of time lost in battle. It has a simple premise and if you are half-way decent at shooting games, you’ll get the hang of this game quickly. If not, grab the paint roller and ink away. I recommend this game for players of all ages and skill levels.