Game Review: Story of Seasons Trio of Towns

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns
Publisher: Japan: Marvelous, North America: Marvelous USA, EU: Nintendo
Developer: Marvelous
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Release date (North America): February 28, 2017
Available at all major retailers and Amazon.

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

This is the second entry in the Story of Seasons series following the split of Natsume (Harvest Moon) with the developer Marvelous Interactive. It’s important to note that the Story of Seasons series is a continuation of the Japanese Bokujō Monogatari (Ranch Story) line that Natsume renamed Harvest Moon.

Since the split between Marvelous and Natsume, Natsume has continued to produce Harvest Moon titles. However, there are no similarities between the two franchises in terms of graphics, characters, or storyline.


The story opens with a childhood flashback of visiting a farm. The player is then seen as a young adult, ready to move away from home and begin a career, opting to become a farmer. This is not the career the player’s father wants, and will only approve if the player passes a series of tests. You’re sent to Westown to visit Uncle Frank, who tutors the player on all aspects of farming before beginning life on his or her own farm.

Being friendly and helpful to the neighboring towns levels up the community rank and unlocks new seeds and products for the player to purchase. The player is able to marry and have a child (just one) with one of five marriage candidates.


The mechanics are simple and intuitive. Upgrading tools allows for quicker, easier farming and ranching. This lets the player engage in a myriad of side activities (noted below) for an enriched game experience. This game is meant to be savored, and players should expect to invest at least 40 or more hours to unlock (if not complete) everything.

Side activities

Once farming and ranching is done for the day, the player can take side jobs. These include shipping certain items and doing chores for the locals. There are two main festivals held monthly, a crop festival and an animal festival. There are occasional pet, cooking, and fashion festivals as well. The trilympics are held each season. The town hosting determines the activity. Fishing in Lulukoko, an egg hunt in Westown, and a daruma hunt in Tsuyakusa. A full listing of events and activities can be seen at

Final Thoughts

The Story of Seasons series just keeps getting better. Trio of Towns provides tens, if not hundreds, of hours of fun. Plan on picking this game up as soon as possible.