Game Review: World’s Dawn

World’s Dawn
Developer: Wayward Prophet
Platform: PC
Available on Steam

World’s Dawn is Wayward Prophet’s debut game for PC. It shares many similarities to the Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons games, albeit on a smaller scale.

World’s Dawn Overview

Players choose a male or female character and begin the life of a new farmer in Sugar Blossom, a sleepy, peaceful haven full of small-town charm. Befriend the villagers, mine, fish, farm, participate in festivals, learn recipes, decorate your home, shop, and learn to play lock ball. Regardless of whether you play as a male or female, there are four marriage candidates your player can choose to woo.


Sugar Blossom village was once home to farmer Noah Seed and his wife. His efforts to work with nature and the nature spirits helped Sugar Blossom flourish for many decades. Upon his passing, farms began having trouble growing good crops, the rivers had few fish and didn’t flow as well, the air grew stale and difficult to breathe. The residents understood the magic Noah’s work cast upon their home was fading.

Enter the new farmer. Your character takes over Noah’s farm and is tasked with befriending the nature spirits and returning Sugar Blossom to its former glory. If the player chooses to actively pursue this quest, it will take an entire in-game year to achieve. The player’s efforts are rewarded by the return of former villagers and more items to buy and use.

Game Mechanics

World’s Dawn is well put together and thought out. Villagers have distinct personalities, backstories, ways of speaking, and plenty of dialogue that deepens as your character befriends them. The art style is similar that seen in anime, and no two characters look alike.

The village is simple to navigate, and maps are placed throughout. This is helpful, especially while the player tries to get his or her bearings. Movement is controlled using the keyboard via W, A, S, and D.

Final Thoughts

World’s Dawn is a fun, non-violent, simple to play and love game. It provides hours of entertainment at a reasonable price. It’s an especially good buy when it goes on sale on Steam. For more information on Wayward Prophet or World’s Dawn, visit the developer’s site here.

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